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Transportation and Urban Planning

The next 5 years will bring more change to transportation planning than the previous 50 years. Old methods will be replaced: surveys, census counts, physical traffic counters. New technology provides a better, faster, less expensive option. We can now offer answers based on the data of millions of mobile devices, cutting-edge machine learning models, and analytic techniques.

Wherehouse Centroid™

Wherehouse Centroid™ offers transportation and urban planners the technology to answer any question about human or vehicle mobility. Our proprietary technology was developed to produce high-quality, high-accuracy results with ground truth data-validated models. The Wherehouse Centroid™ solution offers a fast, accurate, and scalable platform to fulfill the needs of transportation planners around the world.

Key Locations

Home detection
Work detection
Favorite places
Daily routines

Volume Counts

Activity monitoring
Hotspot detection
Demographic breakdown

OD Matrices

Staypoints based
Regional coverage
Survey validation
Any time period

Mode Choice

Private vehicles
Public transport
Mode share

Route Choice

Road counts
Link analysis
Traffic prediction